for the Church of Jesus Christ in the Original Manatee County.

What is ONEOMC?

The Original Manatee County or "OMC" represents a region made up of 8 counties in West/Central Florida.

Birthed after the final gathering of the Global Day of Prayer Manasota (GDOP) in 2010, ONEOMC is a community committed to the awakening of the church around the earth to united worship, prayer and kingdom activities. We all look forward to what is ahead...

Regional "Wineskin"

All believers are invited to partner in unity to accomplish the mission of Jesus in the OMC region.

This "wineskin" or framework is supported by regional elders in partnership with local churches of all denominations. With the goal of achieving the unity that Jesus imagined in John 17.

Ready to Explore Further?

Join the Effort on CityMatters

CityMatters is an online gathering place and communication platform where faith based groups can collaborate around transcendent values of righteousness for the benefit of the OMC.
  • Join with Others that Share Your Interest and Calling
  • Get Notified about Prayer Needs & Service Opportunities
  • Stay Up-to-Date with Community Events & Initiatives
  • Join Online Groups for Prayer, Support & Service Projects
  • Serve with Others to Strengthen Unified Community Initiatives
  • Establish Joint Effort Partnerships with Local Organizations


Here are three ways that CityMatters can connect you to happenings in the Original Manatee County area:

1. Explore CityMatters

Not sure where to start? Check out CityMatters to see what we’re all about.

2. Find Other Initiatives

Explore the CityMatters online community to find other opportunities you’re passionate about.

3. Join A Group

Public, Private & Invisible Groups work together around the OMC vision. Seek to get involved with those who have similar passions for our community.

Partner with Others to Serve
Your Community and Fulfill Your Calling.

Using CityMatters as the tool to link us together, we can create partnerships and fulfill our shared purpose collectively.
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